Monday, April 25, 2011

Thing 2 - Twitter

So...this is the second time I've set up a Twitter account. I have one that I use to post messages to my classroom wiki and now a second one to use as my PLN! After reading all about Twitter, my first response is "Wow!" I didn't realize all that was or could be involved such as Tweetdeck, TinyUrl, and hashtags. I look forward to learning more about Twitter as I become more involved in it myself. As far as how I use Twitter and how I will use Twitter, there are many possibilities.

I could see Twitter becoming a way to stay in touch with friends and family with quick tweets to let everyone know what I am up to. And, vice versa, staying in the loop with friends and family!

Creating a Twitter account to follow other educators is a great way to stay informed, share, and even collaborate with teachers, both locally and globally. Starting a PLN using Twitter is an easy yet effective way for me to continue my goal as a life-long learner. I can also see it being a great way to get tech support when needed.

There may be ways to implement Twitter into my classroom such as allowing students to reflect on any subject being taught as well as responding to their peers' reflections. Helping students to stay up to date on current and world events is another use that I will look into. The more I become comfortable with Twitter, the more I will be able to see the pontential of its use in my classroom!

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  1. A more practical pedagogical use of Twitter may be to keep your students and parents informed of important due dates, reminders, and other newsworthy information.

    I like to describe Twitter to the uninformed as texting to multiple people at the same time. So it would be nice to have my family members on Twitter so I wouldn't have to send the same text multiple times.

    I also like to share links to websites and information on Twitter. I can't always remember who in my Delicious network teaches what subject or grade level. But if they are following me on Twitter, they can save the relevant links to their own Delicious accounts.

    The hashtag is a very powerful tool when attending a conference. We can't always get to all of the sessions we'd like to, so it's nice to be able to share and receive links to the presenters' handouts or websites, or to share a cool video they showed during their presentation. I know the #macul11 hashtag kept a steady stream of info flowing into my Tweetdeck.