Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thing 11 - Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text

Read the Words
A Bear in There by Shel Silverstein

MRA Conference Implementation PDF Document
MRA Conference Implementation

The first thing that came to mind as I explored the text-to-speech sites was how I could be using it right now in my classroom. Because I teach students how to write and how to go through the editing process, I often find that some students have difficulty in editing their writing because they just don't "see" the errors on the page. If my students were able to copy and paste their writing into one of the text-to-speech sites, they might be able to "hear" the mistakes and be able to make corrections as needed.

I really liked the vozMe site because it seemed the easiest for students to be able to use. Although the quality of the audio was okay, I could enter a small amount of text or copy and paste a large amount of text. Students would not need to set up accounts for this particular site either...a plus, in my opinion.

Read the Words was also quite easy but needed an account. I also could not upload a larger document without having to pay for an upgrade.

YAKiToMe, on the other hand allowed me to upload a larger piece of text. The quality of the audio was also pretty good. I preferred the YAKiToMe site over the others because of the the amount of text it could handle and the quality of the audio.

Dial2Do seemed like a pretty neat Speech-to-Text site. I thought the accuracy of the transcription was great. Although, it is limited in the amount of services unless a subscription is paid for.

Awesome UDL tools for giving students different ways to learn and be successful in the classroom!


  1. It's nice to find those sites that don't require a sign-up (kind of like Screencastomatic). And unfortunately, Dial2Do has become a "pay to play" site, like many Web 2.0 things. I guess I'll have to find another free STT website.

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