Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thing 10 - Google Maps

Mackinac Bridge Area Attractions
View Mackinac Bridge Area Attractions in a larger map

Mackinac Bridge Street View

View Mackinac Bridge Area Attractions in a larger map

After exploring Google Maps and especially My Maps, I can see that educators could use this application in the classroom in many areas. As I teach English and reading at my school, I could have students search for places we are reading about, or I could create maps with video, links, and text to have students explore (virtual field trips). When studying folktales/mythology with 7th grade students, I could have them go to the places/areas that stories being studied took place or may have taken place...Greek Mythology - Greece for example. When studying Shakespeare a class could "visit" Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Google Maps could be used for math and geography when finding locations and distance. In social studies/history, teachers can take students to areas of the world when discussing current events. The possibilities are endless! Great Web 2.0 Tool!

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  1. Have you seen the Google LitTrips website? WOW! Just WOW!