Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thing 14

Literacy in the Classroom “21st Century Style” – This wiki includes lists of books and podcasts from authors, as well as students. I would probably adapt this idea with my ELA 5-8 students by creating a page on my classroom wiki that would include author podcasts (if available) of books written, and then also allow my students to share books they have read through written review and also as a podcast. This list could grow and be a great resource for other students as they look for books that interest them!

Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools – This is a great wiki to help students and teachers of any subject or grade level to create presentations and webpages on a classroom wiki. It offers drawing, mapping, collaborative, video, slideshow, audio, music, graphing, and many more tools. I will be putting a link to this site on my classroom wiki as a resource for my students to use when creating their personal pages, as well as in creating media projects that I will assign.

My Side of the Mountain – Although this is a wiki dedicated to this particular novel, it could be adapted to suit any novel/book being read and studied in any of my 5-8 reading/literature classes. I notice that it is a wiki completely devoted to this one novel. I have a classroom wiki and wonder if I would have to create separate wikis for every book that I would do this for. Is it possible to have more than one wiki using the same email? Or, would I have to use another wiki tool such as PBworks or Wetpaint? Maybe it could be done with pages within my classroom wiki with a little planning and thought. I definitely need to get onboard with this collaboration amongst my students with what we are reading in class!

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  1. Amy, I must have a dozen free wikis from wikispaces. Just make sure you keep signing up under the K-12 plan so you don't have any ads.